The College of Notaries

The College of Notaries of Mexico City has renewed its identity, one of the most traditional institutions in the country.

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Notaries have always played an important role in the history of our nation. Evidence of that is the date the college was founded, in 1792. The objective since then has been to bring together, represent and educate notaries in the capital of the country. Since then, the College has promoted a culture of legality, serving the profession as well as society, bridging the gap between the public and the State, and adapting itself to the times with order, legality and equality. Not only that but also maintaining a very high standard of excellence. 

Even though the college is well known in Mexico and Latin America, particularly for its standards and its members, it had a low profile with society in general, both in the capital and throughout the country. As Mexico City changed its name from Federal District (Distrito Federal) to Mexico City (Ciudad de México) the College needed to evolve and decided to consult Ideograma to help them renew both its name and its insignia or identity for the future.

Ideograma proposed a strategic process that permitted understanding the College’s past, present and plans for the future. The conclusion for the identity idea is the concept of preserving, educating and serving with excellence. This encapsulates the College’s fundamental purpose as well as distinguishing it and positioning it as very relevant for its different audiences. 

Ideograma started by simplifying the name, eliminating the words “de la” so that the new name became “Colegio de Notarios Ciudad de México”. 

The inspiration for the symbol was a small rosette that the notaries wear on their lapels, which historically represents “union” and “faith”. These in turn inspired the choice of colours, blue and green, which reflect the idea of progression and collaboration.

As for the graphic symbol we used the idea of nibs, or quills, that were used in the past but represent today the union of notaries in one place, depicting the different generations that form part of the College’s history. The symbol also evokes a star which pays tribute to the role that the College takes in guiding the collegiate body with the objective of preserving the profession and its future. 

We chose the typography Absara Sans, from Typotheque, modern but formal and legible, perfect for legal matters and representative of the transparency with which the College operates. The photographic style is designed to show the College’s and the notaries’ role as guide, portraying their key audiences’ daily activities, in a bright and natural style. 

Other elements of the visual narrative use colour gradients of the symbol to reflect the profession’s advances and the sense of collaboration and team spirit that the College promotes.

In addition, the identity conveys three specific issues: excellence, permanence and guarantee, narrated through a fully integrated, honourable and expert figure, representative of the members who make up the College.