C+ Deportivo

A fresh concept for the C+ brand, the trendy sports club growing in Mexico City

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10 years ago Ideograma developed a disruptive concept for C+, an innovative urban sports club in Mexico City. Based on the premise of providing a club for families the idea was to “be more” and offer to take care of the health and improve the wellbeing of every member of the family. 

A decade later and C+ realised they needed to resolve certain communication issues. To be precise, they needed to identify themselves and their offer clearly through their brand name. They also needed to show how different they are from the wave of ever more energetic competitors. 

Ideograma proposed adding a descriptive word to the brand name: “deportivo” (or, sport, in English), which helps to place C+ firmly in its sector and also serves as a call to action to motivate more people to be active. C+ in Spanish has a double meaning: “C” is equal to “sé” (pronounced the same way) which translates to “be”; “+” translates to “more”. It is therefore possible in Spanish to say “be more flexible, be more disciplined, be more agile, be more active, etc” using just the brand name C+ followed by the adjective: C+ flexible…

From the design point of view we sharpened the symbol to make it more geometric, we gave a simpler line to the letter “C” and adjusted the diagonal lines of the carrot (or play button). We decided to stay with the colour orange as the distinctive tone of the brand, but replaced the green with black to make the brand more modern and up-to-date. Easy for any member of a family to identify with. 

We also carried out a benchmark of the competitors which confirmed that their communication is more aligned with physical toughness, the cult of the body, the concept of “no pain, no gain”. For C+ we decided to maintain its attraction to families, as an accessible, trendy and local club. The new visual language emphasises the messages in large type, easy to understand by everyone who engages with the brand. 

Finally, we changed the typeface and selected Effra (Jonas Schudel). It’s rounder, more legible and actual, and is used in the brand name as well as all communications materials.

With this refresh the C+ brand confirms its positioning statement as a sporting club for families combining both a warm welcome with a serious space for all types of sport.