A new corporate identity for real estate developer FREL, whose vision invites us to imagine the future of our cities.

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After six decades of keeping a low profile Grupo FREL, expert in residential, commercial, hotel and corporate developments, decided it was time for a change. It was the perfect moment to start talking about their prestigious track record and legacy, their talent for spotting the best sites for their developments, the changeover to a new generation in a family business and its move to corporatization, as well as their capacity for leading the sector in Mexico.

We took the four letters of FREL and turned them into four large stylized windows that give a view of their developments. Through these frames we see beautiful, esthetic and sustainable designs, together with an elegant and neutral palette of colour that complements the tones of the images. 

The slogan “Marcamos con nuestras obras” (We make a mark with our projects) subtly communicates the mark left by their legacy, actions and constructions; their buildings are true icons of the city. 

Today FREL is true to its vocation, with its windows open to new opportunities, ready to appreciate and develop the potential of a site before anyone else can do the same.