Corporate identity project for Traxión, the new holding company for a group of Mexican companies dedicated to logistics and transport

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Traxión is the new holding company for a group of companies dedicated to logistics and transport in Mexico. Its objective is simple: to lead the market sector through new management and innovative financial practices.

Ideograma developed a full corporate identity programme for this new holding company. It was previously known as Fondo de Transporte México (Fund for Transport Mexico) and the seven companies that currently conform the group are dedicated to school transport, removal services, national and international freight and, above all, logistics. Our task was to incorporate all these elements into an identity that summarizes the group’s history, tradition and proven experience to date, as well as the leadership of a new generation of companies based on financial and technological knowhow.

The name “Traxión” has an obvious and close affinity to the concepts of traction, movement and routes. So too the inspiration for the graphic design; the name Traxión is encased in a structured grid which traces not just a roadmap for growth but also the concept of logistics and order. Implicit in the design is the concept of a holding company as an innovative financial vehicle specialized in integrating likeminded companies.

Traxión trades on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) as from September 2017.