Corporate identity design and naming for BIVA, the new stock Exchange in Mexico

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BIVA, the new Mexican stock exchange, will be competing with the BMV, the only stock exchange to be operating in Mexico over the last four decades. BIVA aims to contribute to the growth in the securities market through innovation, the use of cutting-edge technology and easier access to the exchange.

It is one of the most advanced stock markets in the world, with an innovative technology base, that hopes to attract a greater number of investors and companies which will in turn create a more inclusive and expanding stock market.

We were asked to create both the name and the identity and this posed an interesting dilemma. We had to be sure to stick to the rules. For example, the name had to include the words “bolsa de valores” (stock exchange, in English). Our solution was to add the word “institucional” (institutional, in English) which created the opportunity to communicate directly with institutional investors as well as emphasizing BIVA’s seriousness and solidity in the domestic stock exchange. 

In addition, the name BIVA was easy to pronounce and remember. We encouraged the idea of using the short name instead of the full, formal name, particularly as it has the advantage of evoking the idea of celebration.  BIVA phonetically sounds the same as VIVA in Spanish, hence the idea of celebration. 

We turned the A in BIVA into a symbol within the logotype. We removed the line linking the two diagonals and turned it into an arrow pointing upwards. 

The range of colours – greys and blues – are tones typical of the financial sector but we made the blue more cyan in order to give the identity a more innovative and modern look. We also created a textured background made up of the letters A and V, which are in fact upward and downward pointing arrows. So, the blue tones together with the texture loosely based on the idea of the binary code, plus the diagonals pointing upwards, all go to make up the elements of this new financial world where the emphasis is on growth and prosperity. 

BIVA began operating 25 July 2018.