A new corporate identity for a non-profit organization that works to promote trust and community integration.

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The Celo Community Centre (Centre Communautaire de Loisir de la Côte-Des-Neiges) in Montreal, Canada, has launched its new identity as part of the celebrations to mark its 40th anniversary. A non-profit organization Celo was founded in 1976 to work for the good of the local community. With its new name – Celo comes from Centre and Loisir – the Centre has renewed and clarified its mission statement to offer the inhabitants of the Côte de Neiges region an open, integrated, inviting and harmonious environment. Its specific aim is to promote personal development and collaborative development through leisure, educational and community activities. 

To renew the Centre’s identity we worked from our Montreal office in close collaboration with brand strategist Pierre Bernard Dow-Blanchet. The principal theme behind the repositioning is trust; it is the central idea that motivates Celo to help people to improve their own sense of self worth. Important also is encouraging people to trust their neighbours (people from all walks of life, including different ethnic and religious backgrounds) with the aim of improving their trust in the community. Other important linked themes are those of union, integration and community spirit. 

The identity is the new name of the Centre turned into a symbol of union: three ribbons of different colours that symbolize different people from different contexts. They also reflect the idea that the Centre works for one single society; not just for the Quebecois but also for immigrants, teachers, employees, adults, adolescents, children, etc. 

The cheerful colours and playful tone of the new identity reflect the friendly ambiance that the Centre offers and its wide range of educational, cultural and artistic activities.