X10 extends your limits

X10, the brand for affordable sports products, characterized by vivid, energetic colours.

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X10 is the name of a brand exclusively available in leading Mexican department store Liverpool. It is a sports brand aimed at the people who work out and get fit in order to improve their quality of life, and focussed on the performance of today’s sports enthusiast: with X10 you “extend your limits”.

The name created by Ideograma, and pronounced in English, comes from the idea of being more determined, of achieving more, of “exten-ding” your effort. The Roman ten (X) next to the cardinal number (10) is like a mirror image, the reflection of the brand in relation to the sports person. 

It is possible to create a variety of different messages with this name, for example:

•    The number 10 is synonymous with perfection and excellence. An athlete can get a 10 for a good workout, or do 10 repetitions of certain exercises, etc.
•    The letter X is the sign for multiplication and refers to doing routines X 10, being constant X 10 or exercising every day X 10.
•    It is also possible to play with the idea of 10 times more energy, 10 times more push, power, determination or resolve.

The logo is contained within a capsule, a concentrated capsule of energy that powers every movement of the body with the aim of clocking new times and achieving new goals.

The typeface was specifically selected to evoke the digital numbers of a chronometer. The colour gradient – neon blues and greens – projects energy, activity and enthusiasm, while the black background of the capsule denotes strength and solidity. The visual language is inspired by and focussed on the movements of the sports enthusiast. The focus is always on the athlete, while the background is either black or white.