A publishing project that required flexibility with the aim of consolidating a growing group of publications.

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Originally specialized in self-help and wellbeing books, Alamah was restructured to integrate various collections under one name by Editorial Santillana, the Mexican publishing house, in 2000.

We created a symbol that is both simple and profound: a halo. This gave us the necessary flexibility for the brand to be applied to the various different collections but without losing the thematic unity of Alamah: a compass identifies self-help books; a flame, spirituality; the Caduceus of Mercury, alternative medicine; a rising sun, oriental cultures; a flower, naturism; an eye, self-improvement; a constellation, esotericism, and so on. 

To make each collection relevant to specific audiences we also created guidelines for the editorial design of book covers and interiors, selecting typefaces, reticles, formats and appropriate types of paper.

Today Alamah forms part of Penguin Random House.