September 3, 2018

Casa Brugal launchs new identity

Celebrating in style the launch of Casa Brugal's new corporate identity

We enjoyed a very special night of emotion, pride and passion in the Dominican Republic, with the best rum in the world. Why?  Casa Brugal launched its new corporate identity in July 2018 with a splendid celebration.

In front of more than 1,000 employees present at the event managing director, Augusto Ramirez, spoke of the 130 years of constant production of one of the best rums in the world: Brugal rum. The company today forms part of Edrington and brings together, all under one roof, not just a range of exceptional rums but also the best premium drinks of the world. 

For the team at Ideograma it has been a huge honour to design their new identity and participar in these celebrations. There is nothing better than seeing a new brand come to life and witnessing everyone’s positive reaction to the change, in what was such an important milestone in the history of Casa Brugal.


Casa Brugal

The most famous brand of Dominican rum reinvents itself after 130 years