Identity and its analogies

—Juan Carlos Fernández

Corporate identity can be compared to many metaphors. As much as during its moment of conception to the rest of its life, any brand and the elements of communication that surround it are exposed to interpretations that depend on peoples’ background, the context, the time and place. Brands capture our imagination, and since each brain is a separate world the brand’s life depends on the crystal ball through which we see it.

My passion for identity makes me compare everything I see around me to what we create in Ideograma. Ideas for design come to me while I cook; I question the communication messages that I see as I walk around a museum; I imagine how organic an identity system could be when I am surrounded by nature in the countryside…

In this space I will venture to compare the life of brands with different concepts so that together we can learn something.

The beauty of our work lies in being able to learn to see life from the perspective of our clients; sometimes as bankers, or bakers, or as teachers. No project is the same, no client is the same, and when we discover the almost magical essence of each case it is of benefit to all of us: the capacity to see each project with new eyes. So, what we have learnt about airlines has given us a new outlook on consumer products; and what we have admired about working with a broadcaster can be applied to a socially responsible project. 

More than understand the profession or the industry we look at what surrounds them, at the discipline itself. For example, what if your brand was a person, how would it be? And what if it was just a story? What beliefs would be its foundation if it were a religion? When we implement a system of corporate identity into a restaurant what can we learn from the experience? 

Let’s imagine all of this together. Welcome to this space dedicated to experimentation. 

Juan Carlos Fernández

Founding partner and creative director

Accomplished conjuror of symbols and metaphors, tireless creator of ideas. He created Ideograma in 1999, today he is in Montreal inspiring, directing and motivating our creativity. Author of the book Crealogo (

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