Identity and editorial design

—José Luis Cacho

A corporate identity expresses itself through its application in different communication tools. However, there is nothing richer in expression than editorial design. Through the use of images, typographic language, colours, layout, rhythm, cadence and sequence a well designed editorial piece gives life to an identity, at the same time as it connects with the reader and captures his attention. 

Corporate identity is always the starting point for the creation of good editorial design. The essence of the brand is the materia prima of good design, as well as being the guiding principle of the entire process. This principle is achieved by understanding the nature of the content; for example, establishing if the objective of the design work is for sales purposes, or informative, or if it aims to achieve a sense of belonging. Hence, essence and practicality are the pillars on which exceptional design is built. 

The designer, before getting to grips with the technical execution, is responsible for defining the format according to the quantity of information available, familiarizing himself with the brand language and looking for inspiration in the existing applications. 

Editorial design is right now in a transitional phase, adapting to digitalization. Evolving consumer attitudes are bringing about change and this impacts directly on the process that we follow today. Even so, the fact that the print test, the substrate revision or the selection of finishes all begin to take second place in the process, this does not mean that the potential for creativity in editorial design is lost. Thanks to technological advances the designer has the opportunity to include multimedia content in his work, such as animations or even sounds, which expand the possibilities for communicating a final product. 

In Ideograma we emphasize working as a group during the process, to ensure achieving tangible results of essence and functionality. We like to ask for opinions, to evaluate our ideas and to view our work from distinct points of view, all of which enriches our creativity. We understand the importance of the correct use of editorial design: it brings not only an aesthetic quality to the brand but also confers it with relevance and transcendence.

José Luis Cacho

Designer, Implantation

Spontaneous, irreverent and passionate about implanting brands, Pepe follows the route for each corporate identity to arrive at its final destination with a beauty and uniqueness all of its own.

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